Auftragsbezogene Pick-by-light Kommissionierung


In the age of Industry 4.0, the demands on a digital enterprise are steadily becoming more dynamic, response times must be shorter and quality demands are constantly increasing.

An MES system provides optimal support and becomes a key position in your business.
It bundles all important information. Processes and procedures are coordinated with each other and interact seamlessly with each other - thus a production-supporting system becomes a data hub and generates optimal control.

A link is our workline engine, which offers a variety of uses. The workline engine supports and optimizes your line production. Its flexibility makes it customizable to meet your needs. Existing gaps in the manufacturing processes can thus be closed.

Werkerführung Linienproduktion

How does it work?

The workline engine enables you to optimize not only individual workstations but also processing lines. Whether assembly or production lines.

Our in-house developed software divides your production line into zones. Individual workspaces can be easily defined. Through an editor, you can easily take over the configuration of the line structure and the processing sequence. The line control is adjustable in different production modes (One-Piece-Flow, Batchmode etc.)

Orders can be prioritized, sorted and filtered, as well as a lot size per module variant can be defined. Existing ERP, testing and tool systems can be effortlessly integrated.

Each zone is individually equipped with pick2light modules, an automatic intervention control, terminal or similar. Thus, the employees are guided through the process by entering information on
the input monitor and the pick2light modules at each storage location. By means of a light grid, the exact intervention can be checked and the withdrawal can be acknowledged without any further action.

It is also possible to process several orders in parallel and output the performance via an Andon board. Parts management and material management are also integrated in the workline engine.

Kanban processes can be mapped easily. As well as special partstorage, ejection option and recall in case of problems. The workline engine is an innovative worker guidance for your processing line.

Your advantages

  • Performance output for the better balancing of the line
  • Line configuration possible on your own
  • Worker guidance through different output systems (eg touch screen monitor)
  • Full flexibility through zone configuration and mode selection
  • Flexible connection to ERP systems as well as existing testing and tool systems
  • Customer individuality through workflow system
  • Modular expandable at any time