In order to accelerate order picking and reduce the error rate, we use our hardware and software components individually tailored to your strategy.
The sequential zone principle, for example, always makes sense when fast-movers are to be processed with an extreme throughput. With the sequential zone every "zone" (workplace) is equipped with our pick2light hardware. With our iX-tech software, individual "zones" can be defined and conveniently organized and expanded via the configuration.

auftragsbezogene Kommissionierung

How does it work?

There are several zones in a picking area. The order is transported from zone to zone. In each area, the respective employee gets visualized the work steps through pick2light modules at the respective withdrawal box and possibly on a terminal. The iX-tech software communicates with your ERP or warehouse management system and maps the process with the help of the attached hardware. It is very important to be able to clearly identify each order with the Sequential Zone picking. The color change depending on the job also allows your staff to work safely and simply follow the sequence.

The respective order picker is always close to the removal point, so that long travel times are eliminated. Due to the significantly reduced travel times, the picking performance can be increased exponentially. Buffer stocks can be set up between the individual zones to compensate for different picking times in the individual zones. This way you can work on several orders in parallel and avoid long waiting times.

The iX-tech software gives you a very dynamic way of working. This means that the zone configurator allows you to customize the number and size of each zone. With the help of the zone dependency, the individual zones are informed at any time about the current status of the other zones. It is also easy to switch to different modes, for example, from the batch mode to a special customer mode. The iX-tech software and hardware components enable you to optimize your picking strategy in order to reduce the error rate and thus the return rate and to increase the efficiency of the employees.



  • Long travel times are eliminated -> picking performance is increased many times over
  • Zones freely scalable
  • Any connection of hardware components such as scanner, terminal, intervention control etc.
  • Easy change to different modes
  • Buffer storage can be set up to compensate for picking times
  • Articles no longer have to be re-sorted to the orders