Auftragsbezogene Pick-by-light Kommissionierung

With the ever-increasing trend of 'e-commerce', mail order companies have to adjust to shorter delivery times, smaller lot sizes and higher shipments. In order to be able to react quickly, work processes must be simple, flexible and quick.

The combination of our pick2light hardware with intelligent software enables you to have the best possible sorting process.

Every sorting error leads to disruptions in the logistical process chain and thus to a reduction in customer satisfaction. We therefore pay particular attention to this process step.

How does it work?

All boxes at the sorting station (also called ScanIn) are equipped with pick2light hardware. This means that the pick2light modules are not installed at the removal but at the target storage location.

With the help of an interface to your ERP, warehouse or warehouse management system, each order is uniquely assigned to a box. If required, the assignment can also be implemented manually by an employee.

In order to assign the picked goods to the correct orders, the employee starts the process using an MDE device (ix.mate) or similar.

Now he can scan an article and the pick2light module lights up under the corresponding order box. If the employee scans the next article, he automatically acknowledges the previous step and the next order box is visualized. The 'put' acknowledgment is passed on to your leading system in real time.

This allows the employee to completely divide his picked goods until the order boxes are filled. After completing the sorting process, all orders are packed and can be sent directly to the packaging and shipping process. Additional support with pack2light is possible during the shipping process.


  • Error rate drops because of renewed checking by barcode scanning
  • Pack and put processes are independent of each other and can be processed at different speeds