Auftragsbezogene Pick-by-light Kommissionierung

In addition to the possibilities that work2light offers as a basic solution, you can connect work2light PRO as a cross-system complete solution directly to your ERP or warehouse management system. This gives you the opportunity to record work steps in real time in your database. In addition, you have the advantage of easily installing components such as a touch monitor for the output of information, torque screwdriver, a PLC control and all types of test systems. Tailored and individual, we develop a concept based on your functional and technical specifications.

Based on this, we use our hardware differently and design processes tailored to your needs. The modular structure of software and hardware enables us to optimize your existing processes. And all this without the need to implement your own warehouse management software or to create double data maintenance.

Our ambition is to greatly increase process reliability while simultaneously accelerating processes through digitization.

Werkerführung am Arbeitsplatz

Wie funktioniert`s

The work2light PRO process control system guides the employee through the help of pick2light modules at each storage location. It also indicates assembly information on a central terminal, to sequentially lead the employee through any number of assembly processes.

Confirmation or termination of a single work step is done using the terminal or on the pick2light module itself. All required information is exchanged in real-time with the connected material flow or warehouse management system. In this variant, the customer is free to train the processes within the ix.light server via an editor interface or with control barcodes.
It is also possible to execute the processes on an order-related basis through direct or indirect communication with the ERP system, without causing double data maintenance.

With our innovative solution you can display the removal and the refilling process, as well as introduce a 100% final inspection.


Your advantages

  • Reduction in the error rate
  • No long training period for frequently changing operating personnel with flexible personnel deployment or for multi-shift operation
  • High process speed
  • Paperless handling of the assembly process
  • Slim, flexible system without expensive wear parts
  • Ease of use
  • Connection to an ERP system, PC, network or other possible
  • Modular system structure - expandable at any time
  • Easy installation at existing assembly workplaces

Useful information

Wozu überhaupt ein MES-System?

While many companies are still working with ERP solutions and the IT landscape is of course growing, it is increasingly leading to production-related processes falling by the wayside. These are difficult to process or pose a challenge to the ERP system. An MES system can help!

Production planning and control require all relevant planning parameters based on real-time information. Most ERP systems offer this function without additional modules. An MES system
(Manufacturing Execution System) intervenes at this point. The MES or production control system supports all operational functions such as machine occupancy and personnel planning, order control, maintenance, recipe provision, document management, traceability, etc. It thus represents a bridge between planning and production levels.