Useful information

What does Industry 4.0 mean?

The core of "Industry 4.0" is made up of two factors: networking and self-regulation.
If machines were previously controlled centrally in a factory, in the age of Industry 4.0 all machines, but also the components themselves, will be equipped with sensors. You communicate constantly. Not only with each other, but also with other systems: production, sales, development - all networked.

Industry 4.0 thus refers to the intelligent networking of machines and processes using a wide variety of technologies.

Why is lean management important?

The basic idea of "Lean Management" is production without waste ("lean", from the Japanese "slim"). Finding solutions to problems combined with continuous improvement. Lean management aims to make problems visible instead of hiding them. Seen in this way, this can play an important role in the company.

Thanks to a wide variety of methods, principles and procedures, you can always react flexibly, quickly and effectively to new internal and external challenges. And that with consistent cost reduction for the entire value chain.

Lean management is a holistic system in which needs-based, errorfree and efficient production, with which the employee as a person is the primary objective. However, the ideal idea is not only the achievement of the goal, but the conviction that there is always further optimization potential.