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RFID in intralogistics processes

For some years now, especially in e-commerce, it has become clear that the variety of products is becoming larger and more individual. In addition, the lifespan of the products is continuously reduced. This creates a number of hurdles for logistics: deliveries have to be made faster, while the customer always wants to be informed about the location. Services should be available more flexibly.

The demand for radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is therefore increasing in the area of intralogistics.

RFID transponders can guarantee, for example, a centimeter-precise location in the warehouse. Where is the truck located? What goods did he load? This information is recorded via sensors and transmitted with a position report. But also goods receipt, goods issue, relocation and outsourcing processes can be made more transparent. The decisive advantages of RFID are contactless identification, the simultaneous detection of several transponders, as well as high security through copy protection and encryption of information. Modern and future-proof logistics processes need efficient technologies to accelerate, simplify processes, minimize reading errors and increase transparency.

What is pick-by-light?

Pick-by-Light is one of the paperless picking methods. By using specialist displays directly on the removal compartment, there is no need for pick lists and the order picker is guided through the
warehouse through light visualization (pick-by-light modules). The amount to be picked can be displayed directly at the storage bin. This reduces the error rate and speeds up picking.