The tasks change quickly. A higher level of service and faster order processing are required. It is therefore necessary to find out the right level of automation for your own company. Due to the imperative increase in efficiency, iX-tech GmbH relies on the best possible design of the human-machine interface, with the human being still in the foreground.

Between ever faster processes and ever growing challenges, the optimization of picking processes is becoming increasingly important.

Order-based picking has always had a high priority in intralogistics. Orders must be available just-in-time at the assembly area, order variances increase and the lot size decreases. Thanks to the
innovative pick2light technology, you optimize the process of orderrelated picking and your employees work efficiently, error-free and are relieved at the same time.

order-related picking

How it works

A distinction is made between order-based picking and single-order picking. In both variants, picked items are assigned directly to a customer.

With single-order picking, the order picker goes off for an order and picks the goods. This means that the order picker starts the order (for example via a confirmation on the terminal) and the pick2light modules at the storage locations sequentially show him the way through the warehouse until he has picked the entire quantity for this order. With single-order picking, only one order is assigned to each employee at a time.

Once the employee has completed the picking round and collected all the articles for an order, they can make them available for assembly.

With multi-order picking, the employee initially marries several orders with several storage locations on the cart carried. This is done using a scanner and a simple confirmation on the pick2light modules. The employee scans the order barcode and the pick2light modules visualize all empty (not yet occupied) boxes on the trolley. Now the employee can freely choose which box will be married with which order. If he has found a suitable place, he confirms it on the pick2light module. Now box and order are clearly assigned. This information is temporarily stored in the system. If all orders are married to a box, the picking round starts e.g. by scanning a control barcode.


Advantages of order-based picking

  • Articles no longer have to be sorted on the orders
  • Small picking zones possible, resulting short distances
  • Delivery points are easy to organize
  • Orders can be provided just-in-time at the assembly area

Useful information

How do I find the right picking method?

The decision for a picking method is difficult, especially since not every technology is equally suitable for every company. Is the orderbased or orderless (single-stage and multi-stage picking)? Is orderoriented, parallel picking suitable, or rather order-oriented, serial picking?

Or is it better to pick in a series-oriented manner and in parallel?

With the right method, you can shorten the picking time, optimize routes (route optimization), increase picking services based on short throughput times and create process reliability. When choosing the right picking method, the question of the technology used will arise sooner or later. Contact us and use our solutions to find the right method for your warehouse.