Auftragsbezogene Pick-by-light Kommissionierung


Design the perfect workflow for your needs with pack2light.

Packing processes are becoming increasingly complex. They have to work flawlessly and be customized to customer requirements. Additions such as customs declaration, triple delivery note, advertising material or other personalization slow down the process enormously. By using pack2light, your orders are quickly prepared for shipping and are individually packed for each customer. Avoid errors with the help of the 100% final inspection and offer your customers added value in form of a coupon and generate additional income, for example.

Packtisch mit Pick-by-light

How does it work?

The packager must make important decisions within a very short time, which determine the satisfaction of the customers. Which promotional item fits best with customer XY? Does the goods have to be packed separately? Which cardboard box is the most suitable?
Even with a lot of previous knowledge and a long training period, mistakes happen here permanently. Our system solution pack2light controls the processes at the packing station and supplies the packer with all relevant information for each customer order.

Our system solution pack2light controls the processes at the packing station and supplies the packer with all relevant information for each customer order. Using a workflow system, the required informations are read in real time from sources such as the ERP, Shop, CRM or shipping system for example and outputted on a terminal. In addition, the integrated pick2light system guides the employee through the process.

The workflow can be defined by you and is flexibly adaptable. After consultation, this will be realized individually and implemented on the ix.light server.

Process examples are:
+ If new customer, then enclose catalog
+ If the order value exceeds X euros, insert a free article
+ If sending parcels to other EU countries, then submit a customs certificate
+ If shipping hazardous substances, then observe regulations
+ If 'Gift wrapping' option selected, then display the item to be packed
+ If a new customer, print an individual voucher at the packing table

EA training period for new employees takes less than a minute. This advantage is particularly important in the case of seasonal fluctuations or rapid growth. With a targeted approach to  customers, you can not only increase your marketing success, but also evaluate it later. Our processes can be scaled as required and can therefore be controlled across all workplaces. They are programmed in script language and can also easily be adapted by you.

Pack2light supports your packing process quickly, flexibly and reliably.




  • Increase of the conversion rate through customized package inserts
  • Extremely short training period in the entire packaging process
  • 100% inspection by scanning, weighing or counting
  • Optimal tracking, logging and evaluation of marketing campaigns
  • More satisfied customers, because of individual and targeted approach