Auftragsbezogene Pick-by-light Kommissionierung

Manufacturing companies often use picking to build sets to optimize manufacturing processes, as well as reduce material transports and process times.

Set picking always makes sense if a specific product or assembly is to be pre-sorted for assembly areas. But even with a large number of variable components with a high risk of confusion or with a saving in floor area, set picking offers a high potential for optimization.

Pre-picking with the help of innovative pick-by-light technology ensures that the required sets are complete and error-free at the right time at the right assembly area.

Industrie 4.0

How does it work?

Each storage bin in the picking zone is equipped with a pick2light module. This allows a faster and error-free removal during the process.

Furthermore, the pick-by-light technology is also mounted on the storage bins on the setup trolley. Thus, during the picking process, the employee will be informed of the compartment from which something can be taken and in which storage bin the removed component is to be deposited on the trolley.

It is possible to install the pick-by-light technology directly on the trolley or the modules on a frame. If you opt for the frame solution, it can be docked to an existing trolley each time it is executed.

Each trolley is initially married to a job. For example, by scanning an order barcode or confirming on a terminal, the picking process is started. The employee is guided sequentially through the process and, in addition to the LED visualization of the storage location to be approached, also receives the number of items to be withdrawn. Through to an infrared touch sensor on the pick2light module, the employee can easily confirm each removal and always has his hands free to remove the respective components.

f the assembly has been completely pre-commissioned, the assembly set can be transported just-in-time to the appropriate area. This ensures that production can continue at any time without interruption.

Lager, Warenhaus, Versandhandel

Your advantages

  • Time savings in the further processing of parts
  • Lower idle times during the assembly
  • Time-saving handling
  • Avoiding transport costs
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Preventing production bottlenecks
  • Availability of critical components / parts
  • Modular system structure - expandable at any time
  • Easy installation on existing assembly workstations

Useful information

Why is supply chain management necessary?

Supply chain management ensures process-oriented planning and control of the entire value chain across companies. A rethink in logistics is therefore imperative to meet customer expectations. SCM also achieves:

  • Reduction of storage costs
  • Ensuring just-in-time supply
  • Increase in delivery reliability
  • Reduction of throughput times

How do I digitize my warehouse (Smart Factory)?

Digitization is advancing and logistics 4.0 is no longer a fashion term. Process efficiency and process transparency play an increasingly important role. While Generation Z sets “same-day delivery” as the benchmark for all things, digitization must take place between producers and consumers. Cost pressure, fluctuations in demand, staff shortages, risks - day-to-day business can hardly be stable without innovation and digitalization. Logistical and intralogistic processes must intertwine on the point. The goal is to network all things.

For example, in the future, the manufacturing plant should order its raw materials itself as soon as the warehouse has reported on its own that space is available again.

A collaboration that goes beyond the connection and communication of different means of transport. We are happy to help you optimize your intralogistic processes.