Auftragsbezogene Pick-by-light Kommissionierung

iX-tech GmbH creates tailor-made concepts for efficient warehousing in the mail order business. We put your order picking in the foreground. This not only represents one of the most important
processes in logistics - but is often also the most expensive area. The demands on assortment, variety, the shop itself and, of course, the delivery time are constantly increasing. Therefore, it is important to select and analyze the best picking strategy based on various parameters.

The order-based picking combines the picking of goods, as well as the sorting on different customer orders in one. The strategy proves itself especially for larger, daily incoming orders. Thus, picklists can be generated at regular intervals and the orders processed simultaneously.

Rollende Kommissionierung


Order-based picking (also called rolling order picking) means that single order-based boxes are packed. These boxes are located on a picking trolley, which the employee carries with him during processing.

Each storage space of trolleys and shelves is equipped with pick-bylight technology. Custom-tailored the order and box on the trolley, are getting married by the employee with the help of the ERP system or iX-tech system.

Then the employee is routed through the warehouse in a routeoptimized manner. The respective storage bin to be approached is visualized by means of the LED eye-catching light in the pick2light
module with a predefined color. Afterwards the employee will be shown on the trolley with the aid of the pick2light modules in which box the removed item is to be inserted. The alphanumeric display also indicates the number of pieces. With the help of an entrained MDE device, the process can be acknowledged on the backhand scanner, ix.mate or on the module itself for example. The employee thus has both hands free to remove the goods.

This way, all articles are picked and the employee is led sequentially through the process. If all orders are picked in boxes, they can be brought directly to the packing station. A further division at the sorting station is completely eliminated.

Einstufige Kommissionierung

Your advantages

  • Saves a lot of time: During order picking, the process step “sorting” at the sorting station is saved. This means that the goods are only taken “once in a hand” instead of twice. The complete order is ready for shipment after picking and can be brought to the packing station immediately.
  • Large space savings: no need for stationary sorting stations
  • Error reduction: due to the omitted process step, the error rate is minimized