Auftragsbezogene Pick-by-light Kommissionierung

The automation of processes is increasingly coming to the fore with the term 'Industry 4.0'.
Whether it's quality control, support for assembly operations with a variety of products or employee training, assistance systems are becoming increasingly important. However, large automation solutions are often too costly and unworkable because of too many variants or too small numbers of pieces. That's why iX-tech GmbH has set itself the task of simply automating the assembly process with the help of an intelligent pick-by-light system - all at a fraction of the usual market price.

Our work2light technology is a compact, robust, flexible and modular system that is used in almost all production and assembly situations where material has to be removed manually from intermediate storage devices and correctly installed.


How does it work?

The basic solution can be implemented completely independently in your assembly process.
Our control module includes an integrated process control, which does not require any connection to an ERP system, PC, network or anything else. The stand-alone solution is controlled via a barcode navigation and can record up to 30 different assembly sequences. This process can contain up to 600 process steps.
Each storage compartment is fitted with a pick2light module with multicolour LED. The employee is thus guided completely lightcontrolled through the workflow. Confirmation or termination of a
single work step is carried out with the help of a separate button or on the pick2light module itself.
All trained processes are always very easy and individually customizable. With our innovative solution you can display the removal and the refilling process, as well as introduce a 100% final
inspection. Your assembly process is optimized with low cost and effort and the quality standards are increased at the same time

Your advantages

  • No connection to an ERP system, PC, network or other
  • High speed increase
  • Paperless handling of the assembly process
  • Simple operability
  • Slim, flexible system without expensive wearing parts
  • No long training times with frequently changing operating personne, flexible personnel deployment or for multi-shift operation
  • Modular system structure - expandable at any time
  • Reduction of the error rate